Monday, June 04, 2007

Small Joys

Life is so crazy, and there are so many enormous things going on, that I have to make a conscious effort to be happy about small things. Yes, it sounds like that awful, cheesy Sarah McLachlan song Ordinary Miracles (which I hate, and which makes me want to buy every CD it's on and burn them all), but you know what I mean. The weather is crappy, I was freezing cold all day, and both my shower and my refrigerator are leaking, but I refuse to be grouchy, so here goes:

  • My parents arrive in less than a week
  • I wrote my second poem ever today. The first was in OAC Writer's Craft class, and I actually don't mind it, to tell you the truth. I personally think that I'm a terrible creative writer, because I am a overly self-critical person, but I'm reading so much fantastic poetry right now that it makes me want to try. It's not very good, mind you, but that's what editing is for, right? That and practice...and backspace!
  • Docked at the harbour yesterday was a big fishing boat from Yarmouth, N.S. called the Lady Melissa
  • Housing prices are set to drop in 2008, according to The Toronto Star, which means that our dream of our very first house might become a reality sooner than we thought
  • The end of episode 104 of Brothers & Sisters has as its soundtrack a song that I love, k.d. lang's version of Helpless (from Hymns of the 49th Parallel). Even more fun is the fact that the song begins with the line "there is a town in North Ontario," and they didn't cut it out of the episode. My province got a shout-out! Here's the song for your enjoyment: