Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bonjour 2008!

Well, 2007 is over, and as much as I enjoyed it, it really was a mish-mash sort of year. Four months of classes, two and a half months of thesis writing, three months of unemployment, and two and a half months of work. I was poor for most of it, and frustrated for lots of it (like the week long migraine, and when they hubby had to come back to Toronto for the bar course when I was still writing my thesis in Halifax, and the three months of not working), but it turned out fabulously. I have a rocking job, I'm living with my best guy, and my social life is in fine form. Can't go wrong. And I have to say, I did ride out 2007 in style, with the hubby, my sister, and lots of friends in tow.

I'm looking forward to 2008 immensely, though. There's going to be lots going on, like getting married and starting my Ph.D. (knock on wood, fingers, toes & eyes crossed). I'm going to get to plant my little patio garden, ride my bike by the river, buy myself a pretty white dress (or get my Mom to buy it for me, which she seems to want to do), take some really interesting classes (like guitar, which I start in a couple of weeks), watch the hubby get called to the bar, and hopefully (finally!) take a vacation somewhere that is not Wolfville, NS (as much as I like you,
Wolfville, I'd prefer Europe). Sounds like a pretty good year to me. I always like new years, though. You never quite know what's going to happen, and they never quite turn out the way you think they will. I've just about given up trying to pin down what I think a new year will be like, and I enjoy the element of surprise.

Now, to hop on Dennis' bandwagon and brant for a moment, I think New Year's resolutions are total nonsense. Therefore, I hope you eat as much chocolate as you want, read as many trashy novels as you like, and buy yourself something just because you feel like it. But no smoking, 'cause that's just gross. So, off you go, and start enjoying 2008!


Purple Mangos said...

Why guitar and what kind?

Melissa said...

Guitar, because I own one, and I did at one point know how to play, although not well enough to keep it up (took guitar in OAC, because I finished the regular music classes in Grade 12). I've got a vintage Yamaha FG-336SB II, which is a pretty baby. I'll put a pic up on the blog. Made in the 70s/early 80s.