Wednesday, March 05, 2008


169: days until the wedding. Am getting excited, as it's going to be a rocking party.
34: days until my 26th birthday. Am I getting old-ish? Nah.
5-ish: days I have to wait until I can reasonably expect a response from UofT et. al. about my PhD applications. I'm being surprisingly patient. Probably because I don't have the time or the patience for a nervous stomach ache.
8265.31: number of kilometres from home (Rio de Janeiro) our new intern, Daniel, is living from home to study English. English is just another on his long list of accomplishments, which includes an MBA in Project Management. Daniel is ridiculously overqualified, but he is an amazing help with the computer & analytical work that none of the other interns can handle. I love having Daniel in the office!
3: average number of times a week I convince myself that we can reasonably get a puppy, and then dissuade myself again. I want one! But I also don't have the time to take off work to properly acclimatize and train a puppy, so that dream will have to wait
2: number of books that I read today
24: number of girls on the bachelorette party invite list, not including myself. That is going to be some night!
10-ish: the number of times I've played Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree on repeat tonight
2: number of days until the weekend, thank goodness!


Purple Mangos said...

You'll have to put some new counters up, to count down the days for you.

Melissa said...

I should! I'll see if I can find some fun widget ones.