Wednesday, February 18, 2009

V-Day successfully avoided!

We're not big Valentine's people, the hubby and I. It's overrated. And no, you're not going to hear me say that every day is Valentine's Day, even though I do buy myself flowers and wine regularly. That's just gross.

Instead of being all romantical, the hubby and I spent the weekend at J&M's old schoolhouse up north. Depending on the day, there were 10-15 of us crammed in, and it was good times. We always seem to do the same things up there, but they're always fun things. It kinda goes like this: make a fire, sit in front of the fire, drink, play guitar, sing, drink, eat, play board games, drink, play charades, eat, go for a hike, drink, play in the snow, read books, sleep, drink, eat more. I came home feeling relaxed and like I needed to go on a diet, which is the way it should be. And playing a running game of "Name 10/15/20 movies by...." in my head (the number goes up with popularity. We do 30 for Tom Hanks. It's fun.)

Fall term (yes, fall term!) ends on Thursday, which means that I've got until March 6th to get two papers done, and then winter term begins. I cannot wait. For one, I just want fall term to bloody well be over (three months behind schedule). For another, I'm ridiculously excited about my winter term classes (American 20th Century Public Intellectuals, Shakespeare's Tragedies, and Modernist Poetry), and can't wait to get started. March to June are going to be intense, as I'm taking three classes instead of two, and they're quite reading intense, but it's exactly what I need to FINALLY be fully in school mode. Happy happy joy joy.

And I'm off to get those final papers written...wish me inspiration!