Sunday, October 18, 2009

The only reason I want Twitter right now?

So that I can procrastinate on my SSHRC/OGS revisions by Twittering about the hell that is SSHRC/OGS revisions without pissing off everyone I know with hourly Facebook status updates. I think my SSHRC is getting better, but what if I'm wrong? Night-before-major-deadline anxieties are the absolute worst. And I've now just totally reworked the centre section of my SSHRC, which means that I have to go back and rework most of my OGS (a one-page version of the two-page SSHRC, for those of you who will be lucky enough never to be tortured by this process.) Whose brilliant idea was it to make people write a dissertation proposal before they've even finished their courses? Oh, right, the government's. Of course.